Build a 6 zone misting system

Finally! This information is being released with a little concern. The secrets contained in this report are very guarded and by releasing this info I will most likely anger some folks. But here goes!

Build a professional quality misting system that has been proven to work by plant propagators worldwide. This system is one that I designed when I began propagating plants from softwood cuttings. The system was so successful I built them and sold them worldwide. These systems are used in nearly all 50 US states, Canada, the UK, and the only plant propagation nursery in Kosovo.

This PDF explains exactly what is required to build this system and reveals the secret sources where they can be found.
Discover where to find the very dependable, yet extremely affordable propagation timer that can be used to control 6 individual misting beds; all independent of each other and each with its own programming. This timer will save you nearly $100 off the price of the two mechanical timers typically used, PLUS give you the ability to have 5 zones more than the mechanical timers can control!

This PDF shows you how to build a professional quality, yet very affordable misting system that is currently being used by plant propagators worldwide!. Only $47!

FREE BONUS: Access to an exclusive online misting nozzle calculator included. This calculator will help you determine the correct number of misting nozzles you can safely use for your misting system. Avoid the biggest mistake people make when building a misting system by using this calculator!

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