How to properly calculate the spacing for your freestanding misting nozzles

Incorrectly laying out and drilling the holes for the freestanding misting nozzles recommended in the Misting System PDF is sure to result in failure.

This PDF explains exactly how to lay out the spacing for the holes to be drilled and the exact size drill bit to use. Too small a bit and the tubing will never go in the hole. Too large and the tubing will pop out of the hole the second the water is turned on.


  • Use the handy chart that is included to take all the guesswork out of the layout.
  • Learn the correct drill size needed to have the tubing stay put!

This PDF is sure to save you some frustration! Only $7!

FREE BONUS: Access to an exclusive online misting nozzle calculator included. This calculator will help you determine the correct number of misting nozzles you can safely use for your misting system. Avoid the biggest mistake people make when building a misting system by using this calculator!

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